After, I have found a problem between Thai Gen-Z and newspaper. So, from my lens as a designer, I try to find a researching and thinking “how can we make a newspaper or report for them” and I try a lot…. And finally I create a condition. Structure (newspaper) , design (modern) , value (content).

“How can we design a newspaper for a Thai GEN Z”

Firstly, I try to focus on those people what they would give an attention with (reading) and I found that Children will focus on a review exam sheet which is conclusion about the information. Then, it lets me think about the newspaper’s design and content that I really what to give those messages, it must to be important for them so, I bring politic news as a content. However, the content could be not in deep much.

2020 timeline idea.

This week, I try to focus on the open studio’s feedback. Many of mistake on my project that I can recognise….

“what are you trying to convince people?”

“write news about what?”

“who are the reader?”

“do you care about the content about newspaper?”

Then, I took a lot of time to answer those question but I think the answer doesn't clear yet because the idea still a big and can be more for exploring again.

First try, for moving to the next step, after got the group of the reader (Thai gen z) and news the content was politic…

Techniques for writing articles that are interesting and pleasing to the reader. You need to make the story accessible to the reader. Or easily imagine what you have written about From the principle of 5 W + 1H, or is the use of the principle Who (who) What (what does) Where (Where) When (When) Why (why) How (how). Helping in the explanation to create the imagination of the readers step by step This is an episode that will make the readers easier to understand the story they have read. …

My topic is talking about “an interactive newspaper” This project starting people question that “ is newspaper dead in digital era?” Because nowadays newspaper tend to be disappear in term of usability and industrial because of the coming of digital era. But if we look back newspaper was a powerful and valuable media in the past. People used this media to communicate an important content to other. And that content is news! News is the content that very necessary content for every period of time and touch of physical always give a better experience for perception. Then back to my…

title — interactive newspaper

intro — this project come from my statement “newspaper and human are inseparable” although the newspaper popular values ​​are getting less. But two things that remain are content and reading which is still important for everyone. After that I got the idea of what is in the middle between newspaper and human. Then I got a keyword “interaction” How human can interact newspaper more than read a content.. The aim is to describe that interactive newspaper can be used as a new experience content.

Research 01 — Next, I try to explore the idea of interaction…

From last week, I use this web as my collecting data

After this experiment I feel like newspaper is a big data. That mean every one can be on newspaper. And I think of a system design platform to be my next development.

From last week, I got the idea about interactive newspaper then I try to experiment with the material but it doesn’t quite work with my topic idea. So, I think about news media, everyone can let to be a creator also creative a news or fake news. They can post anything. So, I tend to research about content interactive and then I have found article said that “the good interactive content is a study of those user, what they like or don’t like also they interesting” so I got the idea to having my audience group that is GEN Z…

From last week, I got a trouble with my topic. So, I try to go back and think again to change my sentence which having more potential to develop and useful. So, I coming with the idea of newspaper and online news “What is the middle between them” And I found that interactive is the keyword. Because both 2 media need human interaction to active the function of them. So newspaper is paper that mean it physical, we can touch and feel it. However, online news, human can share, comment and even they can post or creative it.

Experiment about…

— From last week, consultation idea about how newspaper look better. I try to see a elements on newspaper “What I can change” because newspaper using to a brand identity, I have a very formal pattern such as image, layout style. And got the idea to play with color on newspaper.

So about this experiment, I got the idea form CMYK color. I try to use each color in each page and also maxing color. But still quite weak for telling the idea of convincing people.

Apinan Rattanajamorn

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