WK03 A new solution + idea

From last week, I got a trouble with my topic. So, I try to go back and think again to change my sentence which having more potential to develop and useful. So, I coming with the idea of newspaper and online news “What is the middle between them” And I found that interactive is the keyword. Because both 2 media need human interaction to active the function of them. So newspaper is paper that mean it physical, we can touch and feel it. However, online news, human can share, comment and even they can post or creative it.

Experiment about 1st interactive idea: I try to connect with news and material “how it can relate to each other” and I found that

sad newspaper + human = cry then, it let me think about changing the paper to cotton and print on it to create a handkerchief for took it up when they are crying. But this experiment still quite not functional because on one gonna cry about this.